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All Winter Puppies are Spoken For but Please Check Back as we are Expecting Spring/Summer Puppies

Puppies Born October 6th, 2019

Tia is an Amazing Little Female Puppy!

Tia Photo Taken at 10 Weeks.

Such a Sweet Tiny Girl with a Big Personality! Tia is White/Cream with Super Big Dark Eyes, Tiny Up-Tilt Nose, a Short, Cobby Body and Perfect Tail Set! She will be Ready for her New Home mid December. She is Charting for About 5 1/2 to 6 Pounds. Call/Text for more info.


Tia has the Desired Short Back and Eyes that will Melt You!


Beautiful Boy Ready For Christmas!

Boots is Staying Here to be Part of Our Breeding Program.

This is Boots. Just Look at that Face! High Set Nose, Big Beautiful Dark Eyes and a Perfect Round Head. His Coat is Cream and White with White Socks and a Tiny White Tip on the end of his Tail. Looking Forward to Future Pups! Boots should be a Super Daddy!

Boots is 10 Weeks of Age in this Photo.

Boots at 8 Weeks.


Gorgeous Little Male Ready For Christmas!

Lucky Photo Taken at 8 Weeks


Lucky has Gone Home with Linda

This is one Sweet Little Guy! His coloring is White with Cream Markings and Dark Pigment which makes his Beautiful Eyes and Tiny Nose Stand Out. He has an Adorable Face, a Perfect Tail Set, a Rich Healthy Hair Coat and a Very Playful Personality. Please Call or Text if you would like more info or to make an appt. to meet this Puppy. He is 8 1/2 Weeks of Age in this photo posted 12/06/2019. Can go home mid December. Great Vet Visit this week and also had first Vaccines. Adult Weight 5-6 1/2 pounds.


Our Summer Puppies Below Have All Gone to their New Homes.  


This is Charlie. He is a Most Beautiful Boy with an Awesome Thick Red Coat, Clear Green Eyes and a Tiny, Flat Nose. There is the Tiniest White Tip on the End of his Tail. So Cute! He is a Very Playful and Loving Little Boy.

Charlie Went to School!

Charlie Retained His Gorgeous Red Coat! About 8 Pounds here.

Thanks for Sending the Photos, Charmaine.

Sunshine is SOLD! She is a Gorgeous Girl with a Beautiful Coat, Sweetest Little Face, and Upturned Nose!

Charting 5 Pounds.
Sunshine is going home with Kay and Charles!


Sunshine at 7 Months and Just Under 5 Pounds!

Thanks for the Photo, Kay!

This is Penny (was Piper) and she is a Beautiful Red Sable Puppy. She went home with Roy.

Penny all Dressed Up and Looking Amazing! She is 7 Months of Age here.

Penny is such a Precious Girl!

Great photos, Roy! Thanks for Sending.